About Payfric automated payment solution

About {{name}}

{{name}}.com is an automatic platform that carryout

  • The service of person to person payment solution to facilitate online payment without use of bank card or any other payment system.
  • Person to person lending solution whereby borrowers will meet lenders with lenders terms and conditions.
  • An escrow payment solution whereby payee will state conditions for his/her payment made and a payment hold will be apply until the receiver meet the conditions.
  • An escrow payment solution with no extra charge,
  • Business marketing and analysis. A solution whereby our business analyst will be able to render a service of business analysis to it customer's business and marketing of such business on social media and blogs.
  • Business rating and feedback. A solution whereby Payfric.com will allow it customers to give feedback and rating to all business they transact with on Payfric.com for marketing purposes.
  • No document needed to start using Payfric.com but if you do upgrade your account, you have access to our great features of peer to peer lending, business analysis and marketing etc.

    The platform works automatically 24/7/365.

    Learn more on our FAQ page