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Zero setup charge
Are you a startup, freelancer or e-commers owner? You won't pay a dime to setup your account or need to register your business to start receiving money.

No monthly charges
Monthly charges affect business, We don't charge you monthly for using Payfric, we want you to grow as fast as possible,

Low transaction fee
We are not like others. With your Payfric verified account, you won't pay more than #20 when you send money to friend and family.

Are you tired of giving out your Bank Card Details each time you pay online?

Are you tired of registering your business before you can receive fund online?

Are you tired of been charge heavily by your local bank when you send money to your friend and family?

We are Tired too!

Stop paying the old way, pay with today's payment system that comes with benefit

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Pay online with your Payfric password and skip entering your financial information. Or pay even faster with transfer. Plus, knowing seller's feedback is available for your safty purchases.

Safer and protected
Shop with peace of mind. We don’t share your full financial information with sellers. And Payfric business feedback helps you makes decision before payment.

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